Caravan Essentials You Need To Have

Before you start caravanning there are certain essentials that you need to have. These essentials may be items that you have already considered, but they may be ones you never thought about.  It is best to know what these essentials are and then determine whether you need them or not.

Electric Hook Up Cables

Most caravans have two different methods of getting electrical power.  The first is through the on-board batteries and the other is through a special cable that links to a mains.  The electric hook up cable is the second option and is essential for anyone in a caravan.

The cables come in a range of lengths, but it is recommended that you get the longest one available as this ensures you will always be able to reach the mains.  It is also recommended that you buy two of these cables so you have a backup should one fail.


Until you stay in your caravan you will not be able to determine how much water you actually use.  Aquarolls work in a similar manner to water containers, but they are lighter and often easier to use.  There are two sizes that you can get and it is recommended that you buy two.

Gray Waste Container

Before you consider the container you need to know what gray waste is.  Washing up water, shower and basin water are all considered gray waste and it cannot generally be emptied onto your pitch site.  There are many specially designed gray waste containers to choose from.

When these containers are installed your gray waste will drain directly into the container.  However, you need to ensure that all of the waste outlets are going to the container before you use it.


For many people, a CADAC is an essential bit of caravanning kit, but there are others who are not as sure.  The CADAC is a gas powered barbeque which has a range of different accessories making it an ideal portable cooker.  The versatility of this device means that you can fry food as well as heat water when needed.  The machine is also comes in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

A Head Torch

If something goes wrong with your caravan it will generally happen at night when you have to fumble around in the dark.  Having a head torch is a better option than a regular torch because it leaves both of your hands free.  These torches are usually powered by LED lights which offer a very bright beam.

Outside Seating

Folding outside seating is essential when you travel in your caravan.  There are a lot of options when it comes to this outdoor furniture and you need to find the right ones for you.  You should choose chairs that are comfortable and that recline so you can make the most of the outdoors.

There are many essentials that you need when you use your caravan.  Some of these essentials relate to the caravan such as electric hook up cables and gray waste containers.  Others like a CADAC and outdoor.