How You Can Have Fun With Pokemon Online Games

If you’re a fan of Nintendo’s Pokemon franchise, you probably eagerly wait each new installment. When a new Pokemon game comes out, you can catch new Pokemon, build a team, and take on the elite four.

However, you don’t need to wait for a new game if you’re craving some Pokemon action. Instead, you can enjoy a few Pokemon online games.

There are a lot of Pokemon games out there, and most of them are totally free! Here are a few of the games you might want to try.


The Pokemon TCG

Do you love Pokemon trading cards? You can play that card game online! It’s easy to build a deck and start challenging other players.

You may find that the Pokemon TCG is actually more fun when you play it online. You won’t have to worry about tracking scores or calculating damage. Everything will be automated for you. The only thing you have to do is enjoy the game.

Online Pokemon Matches

Do you want to play a challenging Pokemon game against another player? There are many sites that will let you battle against real people. Just make sure you build a strong team; the people who game on these sites really know their stuff.

When you play matches on a site like this, you won’t have to level up or catch Pokemon yourself. You will be able to get the Pokemon you need right out of the gate. You can even select the items that you have to hold. From there, you can battle other trainers to your heart’s content.

Pokemon Go

Have you ever wished that you could catch Pokemon around the house? If so, you might want to try Nintendo’s new mobile game, Pokemon Go. It will help you to find Pokemon everywhere you look.

These game is free to download, and it can be a lot of fun. It’s great for playing at short bursts. You can start catching a Pokemon every time you hit a red light! You will be amazed by how fun a game like this can be.

Pokemon Games For Kids

If there is a small child in your life that loves Pokemon, you should take them to the official Pokemon website. It’s packed to the brim with games that were designed with young kids in minds.

New games are added regularly. There are games that feature popular Pokemon characters like Pikachu and Gengar. Children can earn points and buy outfits for their favorite Pokemon. There are even coloring pages.

Any child can enjoy Pokemon, even if they’re too young for the mainline games. There are a ton of games that are designed just for them.

If you love Pokemon, start looking at some of the amazing Pokemon online games out there. Whether you catch Pokemon on the go or battle other trainers, you’re sure to have a great time. Pokemon is an incredible series of games, and you deserve to enjoy these games whenever you want to.