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Providing Top-Notch Tile Cleaning to Your Tile Floors in Sydney

Tile flooring options are perhaps the most popular choice for a number of reasons. First, they provide a hard-durable surface that will not deteriorate over the years, with proper care that is.

Tile flooring is also very attractive and can be found in a huge array of stylish colors and textures to enhance the beauty of any home. The most important part of owning a tile floor, is knowing how to properly care for the ceramics and keep them looking their best for many years to come.

The following article will include some helpful pointers on keeping your tiles floor shiny and clean for as long as you can:


Proper Tile Cleaning Practices

Basic Maintenance – The floors surface can be slowly deteriorated with the grits and particles that fly in from the door or are tracked in through the home. Sweep or vacuum your tile floors daily or twice daily as needed. Always clean all the dust and dirt before you begin mopping. A proper mopping once a week at least, will remove the grease, films and dirt that won’t come clean with regular sweeping.

Glazed Tile – these will need regular cleaning to look their best. Use an all-purpose home cleaner that leaves no residue. You can also mop the floors with a solution of 3 lt. water and a half cup of white vinegar to remove the greasy or soapy films and leave the floors perfect.

Unglazed Tile—this type of tile has a slightly porous texturing that makes it more susceptible to build ups of dirt, debris and even molds and mildews. You will want to ensure the extra strength cleansers applied to these tiles are PH balanced so that the potent acids do not deteriorate the structural integrity and shorten your tile’s longevity.

It is always good to investigate the best cleaning options for the types of tile you will be cleaning, to ensure that your products do not adversely affect your tiles in any way.

Glass tiles – these tiles can be cleaned with any non-abrasive cleaning agent you have. You can also find special glass cleaners for this purpose.


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Tile Cleaning Tips For Preventing Damage

Tiles need to be protected from harmful substances if their excellent longevity is going to endure. Following are some important tips on keeping your tiles from harm.

  1. Test any abrasive cleansers, scouring pads or other methods on a small portion of the tiles to ensure the tile, sealants and grouts are not upset in any way.


  1. Be sure the products you use to clean your tiles, are also compatible with the grout joint and can clean them as well. Dirty grouts detract from the beauty of your tile floor.


  1. Be sure to rinse away any of the substances you are using to clean the tiles or grout. Residual chemicals can begin to affect the finish or tile itself.


  1. Be sure that any tiles that have been damaged or broken are quickly removed and replaced by a qualified tile expert.


Extra Protection

Your tile floors will still be affected by falling objects and heavy impacts. You can provide further protection from such events with a proper mat or padding. These make excellent defensive barriers against the effects of especially heavy furniture, falling objects and the odd chances of scratching and scuffing from unexpected sources. You can also place these mats and pads in front of a door, mirror or anywhere else you think that high traffic can damage the tile floor.


What To Avoid when Practicing Top-Notch Tile Cleaning

You will want to keep your tile cleaning habits free of certain actions that can seriously damage your floors.

  1. Cleansers and agents that contain abrasive features or bleach and acid based products.
  2. the sealants should only be used in the grout joints and no wax or oil based cleanser should be applied to the tiles or grout.
  3. Steel pads or especially rough wire brushes should never be used for cleaning the tile floors.
  4. Never apply cleaning practices to these colored tiles without proper glazing.


In Conclusion

Your tile floors will last a long time with proper care and maintenance. Be sure you keep these important tile cleaning practices in mind while addressing the home in your home.