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10 Questions To Ask Before Hiring Cairns Bus Charters

If you decide to hire a charter bus service, there are a few things that you need to consider before choosing one. There are likely many companies that are similar, but one of them will certainly stand out. You need to ask certain questions that will help you decide on one company over all of the others.

The answers that each company provides will help you make this decision very easily. You need to make sure that it is a reliable business, one that is safe and affordable.

Here are ten questions that you should ask before hiring Cairns bus charters.


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Learn About Their Safety Record

Although you may be more interested in the quality of the bus, and the destinations that it will take you to, safety should always be the highest priority. You need to make sure that the vehicles that they are using are safe and reliable. You also need to know about the safety record of the bus drivers that will be responsible for taking you to different destinations.


Ask About The Type Of Equipment That They Use

The bus charters that they will provide should be high-quality vehicles. You need to inquire about the condition, age, and the size of the bus that will transport all of your passengers. In many cases, they can seat up to 60 people, and find out if the driver can complete the trip.

As a rule of thumb, they should drive for no longer than 10 hours at a time, and if they have already been on duty for 15 hours, they should not be your bus driver.

These buses should also have restroom facilities if you are travelling to a remote destination. Relief drivers also need to be available for extended trips.


Ask About Their Licenses

Every driver that they use needs to be properly licensed. You need to inquire about this, as well as any local permits that may be necessary such as travelling over toll roads or entering into an airport.


Inquire About The Cleanliness Of The Equipment

You need to be in a vehicle that is hygienic. It should be cleaned on a regular basis. If you are going to have more than 50 people in the bus, there should be plenty of room for not only the trash, but proper restroom facilities.


Ask About Additional Amenities That Will Be On Board

Cairns bus charters will have different types of amenities on each vehicle so ask about what will be included. If you have any special requests, they will be able to tell you if they can accommodate your needs.


Learn About The Drivers Background

Every company that you contact should be able to provide you with information about their drivers. This information will include the type of training they have, how much experience they have behind the wheel, and ask whether or not they have the proper licensing.


Inquire About Professional References

These companies should have testimonials from prior customers that should be on display. You may find these on their website, or they may have them available at their place of business. This will provide you with some confidence that they are doing a fantastic job, and that they will be able to do the same for you.


Ask About Emergency Plans

Every business should have a contingency plan designed to handle emergencies. By understanding what these are, you can feel more confident that, should there be an accident, help will be on the way.


Find Out How Long They Have Been In Business

Another question that you need to ask is about the long Jevity of the company. Ask them how long they have been in this industry. If it is a relatively new business, with drivers that have only been in this profession for a few months, this might not be the proper fit for your group.


Discover How Much It Will Cost To Work With This Company

In most cases, the rates that they will charge for the different services that they offer will be prominently displayed on their website. If you are stopping by, you can ask the person in charge about the fees that they charge. This can be a deciding factor, especially if there are similar companies that offer comparable services, yet for a lower price.


These are just a few questions that you should ask as you are sifting through the many different companies that offer Cairns bus charters. You need to feel confident that they are competent, and that their safety record is intact. Additionally, you need to know how much it will cost when you utilize their services, especially when you are comparing all of the companies that have bus charters available.

At the very least, you will know that you are in good hands with the company that you choose to take you throughout Cairns.