What Retreat Caravans Can My Vehicle Tow?

Traveling throughout Australia can be fun if you are pulling a caravan behind you. Instead of staying at hotels which can be extremely costly, you can actually bring your living quarters with you literally at the back of your car or truck. There are certain vehicles that are able to pull these caravans, something that is good to know when you are making your purchase.

Some of the best available are new caravan for sale that Retreat Caravans offered, and most of them can be used behind vehicles that are often driven on long-distance road trips throughout the country.


Tow Vehicles And Caravan Weights

There is a reason that you need to know this information. If you have ever been behind day vehicle that was pulling a caravan, you may have seen one that was barely able to control the load. This will be referenced as tail wagging the dog syndrome by some people.

This is caused because there is a very little weight difference between the vehicle that is towing the caravan and the caravan itself. The wagging occurs because the vehicle in front needs to be much heavier than the caravan itself in order to provide optimal control.

This is especially noticeable if you are driving one and come across a very high wind which could actually lead to a potential accident. Other problems that may occur include heavy breaking, heavy cornering, or even roads that are uneven or wet. By following the 85% rule, it’s easy to avoid these problems.

For example, if you are driving a Toyota line cruiser which has a curb weight of 2700 pounds, the caravan should not weigh more than 2300 pounds. This ratio should be used with many of the more popular vehicles including the Nissan Patrol, Land Rovers, Range Rovers, and other vehicles that are used when going on these long-distance trips across Australia.


Why You Should Choose Retreat Caravans

The main reasons that you should consider working with this company are the quality of the caravans that they produce, and the lightweight materials that they use which are extremely sturdy. They are designed to be pulled by both trucks and cars designed for pulling caravans.

The lighter weight will simply give you more options. They also offer Retreat Caravans at very reasonable prices, especially toward the end of the year when old models are being moved out to make room for the new. By speaking with one of the dealerships that sell them, they will be able to determine how much your vehicle ways and which of their caravans would be suitable for your particular car or truck.

This simple overview of how to determine the proper combinations of vehicles and caravans should help you get the right one. Even if you make a mistake in your calculations, people that are selling Retreat Caravans will definitely be able to make the right choice. You will have several to choose from based

You will have several to choose from based on the type of vehicle that you drive, and then it’s all about which one you like and how much it will cost. This is a great way to get on the road this year to discover all of the wonders of Australia using one of these Retreat Caravans.