Industrial Electrician

Save Money with an Industrial Electrician

Any business establishment needs to have an industrial electrician on-hire as large-scale businesses require energy efficient infrastructure for full functionality. Hiring an industrial electrician gives access various activities such as wiring fixtures, analysis and repair, electrical plant setup, systems monitoring and more. In this article, we highlight three reasons why you need an industrial electrician.

#1 Improved Working Equipment

The role of an industrial electrician also involves helping a business update its existing electrical equipment to improve savings. This aspect is in addition to ensuring that the equipment is clean and functions with full efficiency. Industrial lightings such as motion-activated lighting, high-efficiency transformers, and LED lighting, consume a lot of energy, which can put an unnecessary burden on the operational finances.

Updating electrical equipment periodically improves energy consumption and creates a safe working environment for the employees, leading to improved productivity and better business revenues. A professional industrial electrician will install highly efficient equipment and ensure that they are tailored to the functioning of the business.

#2 Improved Efficiency

A commercial and industrial building requires a higher energy consumption as heavy machines are deployed for various activities. The amount of energy a building consumes is directly proportional to the size of the building. As such, the electrical architecture of the building should be very efficient and effective. A poorly designed electrical system will increase the power load and lead to inflated electrical bills, which will unnecessarily increase the operational cost of the business.

With this understanding, hiring an industrial electrician makes sense as the person will evaluate and repair existing electrical system, and if the need arises, the person can upgrade the existing system to a more efficient one. Efficiency is the keyword here as it plays a big role in determining the total energy consumption of the building. An efficient electrical system will help to lower energy requirements and help to reduce the overall operational costs of the business.

#3 Less Risk and Damage

Lastly, the role of the industrial electrician is not limited to updating an existing electrical system or making you aware of the loopholes in the system. The role extends to providing protection to the overall system. Equipment for surge protection and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) creates necessary electrical backup as a protection against situations like a storm or a power surge.

Without this protection, the business will suffer because the lack of power backup will impact business productivity till the power lines are restored. Ensuring adequate protection to electrical systems is what an industrial electrician will understand and implement well in your business infrastructure. It will help to prevent additional operational costs.


An industrial electrician is any day an advantage to any business setup. Mobile Automation helps to design, install and operate an automated production line, helping a business to focus only on growing the revenue channel. We will help to minimise business downtime. Plant relocation, system integration, machinery installation and machine safety services are our specialisation areas.