sexy food

Sexy Food

Food in the bedroom sounds sexy and intimidating at the same time. You see it in the movies, on the telly, and in porn. It looks hot, but can you pull it off? Just like having a threesome, integrating food into your sex life is always on the top of the sexual bucket list, but maybe you don’t know how to go about doing so. What food to use? Will it be messy?

Let’s find out what food is sexy.


Chocolate is the most common food used in sex. This can be a good starting point in your experiment. Chocolate tastes good, and everyone likes it. It also helps that dark chocolate is a known aphrodisiac. It is sweet, delicious, and totally addicting. These are terms that can be used to describe your sex life if you play it right. 

Chocolate has to be handled with care because it can be messy and sticky if you are not careful. Imagine the mess you can create by spilling chocolate all over the sheets and carpet. Therefore, start small. 

Try using small amounts of chocolate syrup on her stomach or in between her legs and slowly lick it off and nibble lightly. Your mouth already feels so good on your lover’s skin, imagine how hot and extra delicious it will be if you add a squirt of chocolate syrup for fun.

Whipped Cream

Just as common as chocolate for sexy food is whipped cream. Yummy, right? Whipped cream and sex sounds like what dreams are made of! Whipped cream is light and less sticky. It is easy to lick off, so it is less messy too. It also looks good sprayed on the body. 

Put some on your girl’s nipples and then lick it off until she is squirming in pure pleasure. Spread some on your penis in small dots and let your girl trail it with her tongue. When she licks you clean, she can eat you whole. Oh yeah!


Bananas, blueberries, cherries, grapes, mangoes, pineapple, raspberries, strawberries, and many more. Take your pick. Fruit increase your libido and sexual stamina and can be paired with whipped cream and chocolates, or it can be used alone. Either way, both are sexy and delicious. 

sexy food

The sweet citrusy flavour can heighten your taste buds and stimulate your senses. You can feed each other or eat them off each other. Enjoy licking the juices off her body until nothing is left but her bare skin and then lick and nibble some more. Can you say yum?

Caramel, Honey, Mousse, and Pudding

Thick, liquid-like substances like caramel, honey, mousse, and pudding is great food to use with each other. They are sweet, romantic, and easy to lick off. Pour them on each other’s body, focus on the nipples, stomach, and in between your legs. And then lick and suck to your heart’s content!

Sweets and desserts are the best part of a meal. It is best for your sexual escapades too. Don’t be shy about exploring your bodies. Get to know the ins and outs of your partner’s body as well as yours. Eat your dessert in and outside the bedroom. However, do not forget that the best tasting dessert of all is the human body.

Using food for sex can be messy, no matter how careful you are. Making an effort of not messing up also kills the mood. The reason you want to experiment is to remove all inhibitions. 

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