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Achievement Unlocked: Travel Goals

There is a thing or two all of us want to do in our lifetime. Similarly, there are places we want to see at least once. These make up our bucket list.

This catalogue of desired personal goals and experiences may remain as a mere collection of dreams if you view them as unattainable.

But instead of being discouraged, ask ”how can I go there?” Your answer will serve as motivation and focal point for your next actions on achieving that travel goal within a specific timeframe.

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Start by brainstorming the details


You can have hundreds of places you want to visit, but some may as well just be whims.

But remember that only those you consider important should make it to your list of must visit places. They don’t necessarily have to be expensive, but they must certainly be epic – the things you’ve always envisaged doing but have not done yet.

You cannot write them down in a hurry; you’ll need to calm your thoughts and take about 20 minutes to list them down. The list needs not to be too long – about six items should be enough. Be specific with the list of things you want to do and to bring like an international sim card.

Do you want to skydive before you hit 30? Then list it as “I want to skydive in before I reach 30 years old”. If your dream is to take a selfie with your family at the Machu Picchu, then you may list it as “I want to take a family photo at the Machu Picchu”.

It’s very important that you get as specific as possible with these adventures. Specificity helps turn these planned items from mere abstract wishes into solid actions and definite realities that need to happen.


Reorganize your list in order of priority


A bucket list can contain adventures at different points throughout your lifetime. Note that each item requires time and cost, so it will be difficult to get one every year.

Sometimes you won’t even get to every item within fifteen years.  So, it’s important to reassess your list and allocate resources and time based on what can wait and what can.

A nearby place would require fewer logistics and preparation and can be easier to pull off as opposed to a faraway location.

Taking a tour in another country requires more money and longer time to prepare for; you may need a visa which can sometimes take months to process. You may also have to renew your passport or apply for a new one if you don’t have one.

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Plan for each adventure


After making your list,  visualise each event and allocate timelines and budget. The most immediate items on the list should have the most details. The places that you plan to visit in several years’ time can be updated with time – create enough space for the details.

Do you plan to bring your family along, or will you go it solo?

Depending on your budget, you can allocate more than one trip on weekends and shorter holidays.

Have sufficient time gap between one ambitious trip to another so you can allocate adequate resources for each.


How do you save for your trips?  


With everything figured out, time to set things in motion. By now you should have a rough estimate of hotel accommodations, airfare, and related expenses.

There are a number of ways to save money for your trips. Consider getting credit cards that offer rebates, airline miles and signing bonus.

Whatever way you choose, best to save early enough so you have sufficient leeway to have extra money. Suppose you have a trip coming up in a year’s time, how much must save each month so you’ll have sufficient money.  

Do the math, and stick to the savings schedule.

Arranging for an adventure-filled trip isn’t hard. You just got to have the right mindset and attitude for it, and it will be easy to transform those dreams into goals, which you then build into actionable plans.

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